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Name: Candi
Any Nicknames?: Not really.
Age: 20
Birthday: July 13th, 1987
Hobbies/Talents: Acting, photography, activism.
Likes: Cinema, movie reviews, poetry, collages, art, activism, photography, bright colors.
Dislikes: Any type of discrimination, procrastination, insomnia.
Any siblings?: Yes, 2 step-sisters and one person who will always be a brother to me.
Strong points: I believe in the best possible outcome. I'm good with money - I don't spend on impulse.
Weak Points: Even though I believe in the best possible outcome, I tend to be paranoid at times.


Colour: Green
Food: Spaghetti
Type of Music/Musical artist(s): *Old* No Doubt, Led Zeppelin,
Animal: All, but I do prefer cats.
Friends character: Phoebe
Least Favorite Friends character: None of them, really.
Favorite Friends moment: When Phoebe acts like she's Ursula and kisses Joey.
Favorite Friends couple (they didn't have to actually get together in the series): Phoebe/Joey.


How would you describe your personal style?: Not really unique, but diverse. I love it all.
Which one of the typical stereotypes (science nerd, jock, band geek, preppy, loner etc) do you think you fit into in high school?: Loner
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?: Actress
How do you feel about love/relationships?: They're what makes the world go around.
There's a huge party and you're invited. If you decide to go, where can you be spotted amongst the crowd?: Either with my friends or relaxing on a couch somewhere, lol.
Do you have anything you're particularly obsessed with? (movie, book, celebrity, sport, play etc?): Movies. Seriously. I have been since I was little and I rent stuff like every weekend.
What would be your dream job?: It has and always will be an actress :)
Describe your best friend: Sadly, I haven't met that person yet. I have a lot of close friends, but not one close friend. So, if I did meet them, they'd be there for me all the time, have inside jokes with me, make memories with me. They'd be creative and we'd escape to another world.
Would you rather be stamped as a guy or a girl? Or does it not matter to you?: Doesn't matter :D

Picture/Describe What you look like:

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