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Name: Jessica

Any Nicknames?: JC, Jessie, Jess, Jessiment, Jessimacuh, Jessieboo.

Age: 16

Birthday: July 6th

Hobbies/Talents: Writing, Listening to music, playing videogames, hanging out with my friends.

Likes: People, animals, computers, music, Television, my friends.

Dislikes: cocky people, school, waking up, spoiled brats, insects, and the dark.

Any siblings?: One younger sister.

Strong points: I'm funny, Sarcastic, friendly, caring.

Weak Points: I'm overly sensitive, very emotional, easily angered, easily annoyed.


Colour: Green

Food: Mom's home-made pasta sauce.

Type of Music/Musical artist(s): Pop-rock. FALL OUT BOY, The Red Hot Chili
Peppers, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Panic! At The Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, Green Day, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Academy Is...

Animal: White Tiger

Friends character: Either Rachel or Joey.

Least Favorite Friends character: Pheobe.

Favorite Friends moment: Joey puts on all of Chandler's Clothes in "The One Where No One's Ready" and he says "LOOK AT ME, I'M CHANDLER BING, COULD I BE WEARING ANYMORE CLOTHES?"

Favorite Friends couple (they didn't have to actually get together in the series): Ross and Rachel for sure.


How would you describe your personal style?: Creative and Different

Which one of the typical stereotypes (science nerd, jock, band geek, preppy, loner etc) do you think you fit into in high school?: Normal? I'm in the middle of everything.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?: A doctor :P

How do you feel about love/relationships?: Love is a very special thing. Really. And relationships are very important to have.

There's a huge party and you're invited. If you decide to go, where can
you be spotted amongst the crowd?: With my Friends by the music probably.

Do you have anything you're particularly obsessed with? (movie, book, celebrity, sport, play etc?):Uh, Fall Out (duh), and videogames..."Kingdom Hearts"

What would be your dream job?: I want to wrok with music somehow someway.

Describe your best friend: He's really funny and sarcastic, kinda weird, a ton of fun to be around. He'll always be there when I need him. and I'd do the same for him ♥

Would you rather be stamped as a guy or a girl? Or does it not matter to you?: It doesn't matter to me.

Picture/Describe What you look like:

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Pretty much what I look like everyday :P

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