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Name: Allyson
Any Nicknames?: Ally, Lyson, and Lysol (don't ask....a typo that stuck unfortunately)
Age: 19
Birthday: August 2
Hobbies/Talents: I'm pretty handy with the pen and the camera.
Likes: Writing, reading, being with my friends, laughing and smiling as much as possible, cooking (unfortunately I don't do it as much as I used to ever since I got to college but I still watch Food Network religiously), the color blue, photography, Sleeping Beauty, Conan O'Brien
Dislikes: Jellyfish, tomatoes, pink and green combinations (I can't really explain why but to me they just don't fit), stairs (can't explain, I have this irrational fear of falling down stairs), needles, my lack of self-esteem, yelling...
Any siblings?: Nope, its just me.
Strong points: I'm pretty easy-going, never willing to get upset over the small stuff. I'm a good listener. I generally go out of my way to makes sad people smile or laugh (this can be attributed to my usually goofy sense of humor). I am incredibly loyal to those I love. I strive to be honest with everything I do...although sometimes that doesn't work ot well, not everyone wants the truth, lol.
Weak Points: I don't have much self-esteem, to be completely honest. It's so bad that when someone does compliment me about anything, I don't know how to react and it usually comes off pretty awkward. I'm a stubborn individual as well, hating to be told that I can't do something. I'm also not one for conflict. I hate choosing sides and if the conflict is directed at me, it's hard for me to express what I'm really feeling. In the end, I just try to resolve it by shouldering the blame (even if its not my fault). I hate fighting.


Colour: Blue
Food: BBQ
Type of Music/Musical artist(s): Anything but country or hip-hop/rap. My favorite band is probably Coldplay or Maroon 5.
Animal: Cat
Friends character: Chandler
Least Favorite Friends character: Hmm.....does it have to be one of the main six cause I love them all! I've never been a fan of Gunther.
Favorite Friends moment: The game where Monica and Rachel lose their apartment, in TOW the Embryos. BEST episode.
Favorite Friends couple (they didn't have to actually get together in the series): Monica and Chandler.


How would you describe your personal style?: Comfort. I like to be comfortable more so than anything.
Which one of the typical stereotypes (science nerd, jock, band geek, preppy, loner etc) do you think you fit into in high school?: That's a good question to which I have not a real answer, lol. I didn't really have a sterotype. I wasn't a popular kid but I wasn't a loser. I was kind of that kid who was friends with mostly everyone, never had a problem with anyone, had my own group of friends who were similar.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?: I recall wanting to be a teacher when I was little but very quickly that changed into a writer. I've always been reading or writing.
How do you feel about love/relationships?: I've never been in one but I'm very much a hopeless romantic masquerading as a pragmatic. I have very high ideal about love but I don't think I would factor it into any actual relationship. I would probably privately dream about that sort of thing but never vocalize it. But I do believe that there's a possibility for soul mates.
There's a huge party and you're invited. If you decide to go, where can you be spotted amongst the crowd?: With my group of friends, laughing and joking around.
Do you have anything you're particularly obsessed with? (movie, book, celebrity, sport, play etc?): Um...FRIENDS actually. I love Disney about as much.
What would be your dream job?: Author.
Describe your best friend: Hmm...well I have about 5. But my closer friends are very compassionate and caring. They are both rather quirky in their own ways but not in a strange way.
Would you rather be stamped as a guy or a girl? Or does it not matter to you?: Don't care.

Picture/Describe What you look like:

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