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Name: Lanie
Any Nicknames?: Caboose, Lexi, Demy
Age: 16
Birthday: 08/03/90
Hobbies/Talents: Videogames,
Likes: Music, roses, books, reading, writing, musicals, animals, movies, relaxing, sandwiches, aquariums, explosions, videogames, mythology, astrology, going out to restaurants.
Dislikes: Discrimination, annoying pricks, cry babies, repeating stuff, people who lack common sense, people being loud when it's unecessary, being the center of attention (I get nervous), show offs, rejection (I have a hard time handeling it. I wish I didn't have this..."quality"), crowds, when people don't/can't read, half of a truth, liars, injustice, when things are unfair, cars, bad things, loudness, stereotypes, being misunderstood
Any siblings?: Three older brothers.
Strong points: Videogames, staying sane (sometimes), keeps personal things out of situations, trusting, open minded, quick thinking (It just looks slow)
Weak Points: Short, math, butterflies, sensitive, gets sick easily


Colour: I like all colors, as long as the combination isn't eye shattering... like hot pink and yellow.
Food: I'm not big on sweets or donuts. I'm crazy for curry though.
Type of Music/Musical artist(s): I'll enjoy anything really. I'm crazy about songs in different languages. Malice Mizer, Guns and Roses, Eminem, Disney, The Producers, Avenue Q, Men in Tights, Chihiro Onitsuka
Animal: Lion or horse
Friends character: Joey! But I like 'em all.
Least Favorite Friends character: None.
Favorite Friends moment: There are too many.
Favorite Friends couple (they didn't have to actually get together in the series): I don't usually care, but Joey/Chandler is funny XD


How would you describe your personal style?: Of what? I dress casually, is that it?
Which one of the typical stereotypes (science nerd, jock, band geek, preppy, loner etc) do you think you fit into in high school?: Stereotypes is a pretty big box.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?: Doctor, but then I'd only do it for the hacking and slashing. But now, I would rather be a writer/anthropologist/tour guide.
How do you feel about love/relationships?: You're lucky if you have it, make sure you keep it. But I wouldn't know since I haven't been in a relationship yet. (And I don't want to be... yet)
There's a huge party and you're invited. If you decide to go, where can you be spotted amongst the crowd?: Playing videogames.
Do you have anything you're particularly obsessed with? (movie, book, celebrity, sport, play etc?): Lord of the Rings, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Xenosaga
What would be your dream job?: Anthropologist... I think. I want to be a good writer.
Describe your best friend: Depends on which one. All of them are girls though! :D;;;
Would you rather be stamped as a guy or a girl? Or does it not matter to you?: Doesn't matter.

Picture/Describe What you look like:

I'm the uglier one on the right.

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